Corinne Colburn-Sanchez Success Story!

To the faculty and staff of Rolla Metro Business College,

This is a combination of my thank you letter and testimony of the way a life can change!  My name is Corinne Colburn-Sanchez and I graduated from Metrosí Massage Therapy program.

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I remember wanting to go back to school for so long before I actually got accepted. Iím not sure if Monica and Amy remember all the times I called lol! I wanted to start at least two semesters before I did. I also remember getting my acceptance letter, which was a huge deal for me. I think every small step along the way was a huge deal though. I remember orientation and my first day and everyone that started the same time as me.
My first day of school was actually everyone elseís second day because right from the start my personal life struggles seemed to wedge themselves between me and my dream. I didnít have my own transportation the entire time I was enrolled. But I didnít give up and I felt the love and support from everyone at school. Metro made it easy to not give up. Throughout my time with Metro I ended up going through a nasty separation that turned into a nasty divorce and custody battle. I also lost several friends and my little cousin to car accidents. I stayed the course best I could and every time I think about it I am so proud of myself and I feel a never ending gratitude for everyone, faculty and students, at Metro.
I struggled my first semester which resulted in ďjust okĒ grades. I almost failed A&P which motivated me to work harder. I didnít want to just get by I wanted to do my best! I had goals of getting student of the month and honor roll, which I didnít receive either, but I donít regret my efforts at all. It seems that not only did I not get support from family but I got ridiculed for my efforts of trying to make a better life. But this is what made every day, week, month at Metro so enjoyable! I was surrounded by positivity and people like me! People with goals and dreams. People on the same path as me! The personal effort of all the teachers towards all the students was outstanding. From my perspective, as a student, I can really tell that you care for all of us and our success. Iím not sure how many ways I can simply say thank you and you are amazing.

In my last semester, before I graduated, I was in classes that showed me how to market myself and get the job, no wait, career that I have worked so hard for. Simply put, everything you had me do, all the classes and information is why I am where I am in life today. I graduated with pride and all the tools I needed. I got hired at my number one choice business that I applied for and I LOVE IT! I can never say thank you enough to everyone!  But yet I have one more thing to sayÖÖTim and Nathan were my favorite teachers!

So Sincerely,
Corinne Colburn-Sanchez LMT
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