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I am a recent graduate of Metro Business College. I chose Metro because of the many choices they offer. When I started classes I was a bit nervous because it had been 30 years since I had stepped into a classroom.

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I was an early victim of the economic downturn. I struggled trying to gain employment and after more than a year I knew that I needed to do something immediately! I started looking at all of the local colleges in seeking a career in computers. My choice was simple. Metro provided the options that intrigued me in helping me pursue my dream of a new career.
The instructors and staff were so friendly and helpful in my pursuit of my goal. While nearing the end of my fourth quarter I suffered severe burns from a kitchen fire at home. As I lay in the hospital, I seriously contemplated putting school on hold, but I had already witnessed some of my fellow classmates who decided to take a semester off and never returned. I didn't want to be one of them. Days before the start of the next semester I went to Metro to inform them that I would be in class. I was wrapped in bandages and barely able to walk unassisted, but I showed up determined to continue my dream of attaining my Associates Degree in Business and Computers. The staff, instructors, and my fellow classmates were there to help me and my family. Some of my classmates helped carry my books and my instructors made accommodations above and beyond what was necessary for me to achieve my goals.

My days at Metro will stay with me always, not only helping me to better my life, but also in my heart because of their love of helping people achieve their dreams. Metro has the friendliest and most caring instructors and staff I have ever had. They truly love giving knowledge to the minds of the future.

Ed C.
Business & Computer Specialist
Rolla Campus
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