Pat's Success Story!

When I lost my job, I was totally in shock. I had worked hard over 40 years in various office positions and was proud of all the different skills I had acquired. With that job loss went not only some of my self esteem, but my confidence. Job interviews were scarce and no one seemed interested in what I had to offer. After four months of job hunting, I was given the opportunity to go back to school. I researched the various schools around Cape, and chose Metro Business College to begin all over again.

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The first day of class I didn't think I could ever make it through the week, but with the help of the staff and a lot of new friends I made it that week and the next 18 months. I graduated in December 2010, with an Associate Degree in Insurance Billing and Coding. I even passed my CPC test 2 days after graduation. Since then, I have found a wonderful job and cannot wait to get up in the morning to begin my day at work. Metro Business College gave me back my confidence and along with that came my self-esteem. I not only renewed old skills, but I learned so many new applications to business. I cannot think of a better school or staff to learn from and build the skills for a great future.
I would like to thank Ms. Jan and her staff for all of the extra time and effort given to students. Metro makes new beginnings happen!

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist
Cape Girardeau Campus
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