Rebecca Bolen Success Story!

Metro Business College has a simple but accurate slogan: "A small college can make a big difference." Starting out at Metro in June of 2012, I had no idea how accurate this was.

I walked into class that Monday morning not knowing what all to expect. I knew that I was there to become a Medical Assistant and I was going to better my future for my family and myself. I was nervous, excited, and all the things that you expect to be on the first day of college when you have not been in school for 15 years. As I expected, I did become a Medical Assistant. Also as promised, the staff there were amazing and gave me the confidence to do well in school and complete my courses on time and with honors.

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The things that I did not expect when I walked into that classroom were finding the lasting friendships that I still have today. I was able to make a difference in the lives of so many people in this community with the Angel tree at Christmas, Medical club raising and donating money to the middle school playground, helping out a fellow classmate that had lost a family member suddenly, donating supplies for the back pack program for the elementary schools, and food to a local food pantry. These are the things that changed my life the most while at Metro, the memories I take with me and hold so close. Metro Business College didn't just prepare me to be a Medical Assistant: the staff helped make me a better person and I am honored to be a Metro graduate.

-Rebecca Bolen
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